Whether you need dry voice tracks or fully-produced radio Imaging. Joe Cruise is ready to audition today!
Joe Cruise has been heard on great radio stations around the globe.
KFRH/Las Vegas, KREV/San Francisco, 5FM/Johannesburg, HITS/Nairobi, Jacaranda FM/Johannesburg, KAGM/Albuquerque, KAPW/White Oak, KDEY/Riverside, KHTO/Hot Springs, KKFR/Phoenix, WMXJ/Miami, KMDX/San Angelo, KONN/Denver, KSAS/Boise, KORQ/Abilene, KRVC/Medford, KHKN/Little Rock, KWYD/Boise, KXOL/Los Angeles, KZZA/Dallas, METRO FM/South Africa, STAR/Cayman Islands, WJKC/Virgin Islands, WPOW/Miami, WPRT/Nashville, WQAM/Miami, WRMA/Miami, WRSV/Raleigh, XFM/Cape Town and more.
11 plus years and multiple stations later, I can say that I’m lucky to have Joe Cruise as the Imaging Voice of KKFR. He’s on that Next Level!
Mikey Fuentes, Program Director / KSAS Boise
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I worked with Joe Cruise for five years while I programmed Power 96 in Miami. There is no question that I am a huge fan of what Joe does, how he works and the way he sounds. If you're looking for a radio imaging voice that will set your station apart, talk to Joe and get him on your team ASAP! Joe Cruise is the real deal!
Tom Calococci, Program Director / WPOW Miami