Joe Cruise, the voice booming around the globe on radio, television, commercials and at events. His unique, confident and cutting vocal stylings result in absolute ratings and branding success. Up your game, get Joe on your team now!

Available on Cash or Barter.
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Can I tell you why I would always use Joe to voice my clients work? Cos, simply... he is the most unique voice on the air right now, with the most unique delivery and with a unique understanding of what the writing he is given, demands of his ability. Unique. Period. Moreover, his uniqueness means he sounds new, NOW, able to voice cool brands, campaigns and stations which appeal to a new media audience. And all the while he will deliver what the client wants, no matter how many reads it takes and he does it today. No big voice guy sporting a smoker’s cough nor filterman hiding their lack of skill can compare with the new sound of cool, outta the cool capital, Miami!
J Mark Gillman, CEO / TMGS Creative London
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